Maria and Gary…. Married!!!!

Maria and Gary…. Married!!!!


Maria and Gary got married on Accra beach. With a small group of friends and family, who braved the afternoon sun to be part of their special day. They were a great couple to work with and as the afternoon wore on we got some great images. I’ll be featuring images from their wedding over the next few days…

As with most weddings, it takes a team Click Wed Caribbean Inc.was their wedding…

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One last one from Letizia and Paul….

As the family sat down to dinner I took my last shot of the evening. Then after saying my goodbyes, I packed up my gear and went home exhausted, but very happy with what I had captured that day.

Would you look at that!

Would you look at that!


Believe it or not, this picture was not posed. We were walking back to the limo after completing the formal photo shoot, the light was nice, and Paul and Letizia were talking. I was walking backwards in front of them with the camera to my eye on the off chance there would be something photo worthy.

Sometimes you get lucky.

‪#‎Barbados‬ ‪#‎Bride‬ ‪#‎Groom‬ ‪#‎Wedding‬ ‪#‎Wedd…

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Random Architecture Moment

Was on a shoot for a client and saw these steps and the shadows on them. 

A Quiet Moment


Sometimes the best thing you can do as a wedding photographer is to stand back and let a moment develop on its own.


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In keeping with the vintage theme, I extended the idea by editing this shot to have the feel of an image taken with an old film camera.

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Just Married!


While the guests went to the reception, we went to another location for the formal photo shoot. We had all the right ingredients, a great setting, perfect afternoon light and a vintage red sports car……

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